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Virtual World: Metaverse



Design Team

Eric Khay


Rhinoceros, Unreal Engine 5

“The Gradshowverse”, is a new way to experience student work, connect students to their future career, and archive Art Center student projects from the past and into the future. Gradshowverse has the potential to change the way design schools will approach education in the future. 

The goals are to create an immersive Grad Show for ArtCenter’s students by using 3D models to collaborate in one space, to create digital archive and to smooth out the transition from classroom to professional career.

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Site area is surrounded by beautiful nature same as our ArtCenter Hillside campus. The landscape brings a feeling of privacy, energy, and safety to the visitors, and students.   Focusing on the work for the best experience, and connecting between design and people.

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The circular shape references our ArtCenter logo, an idea of the departments coming together through collaboration. The white, and glass wall are inspired by the Scifi thinking of art and design as the future.   


Custom A.C:

 Custom AC is where guests can customize all details of the Transportation Design’s  virtual models: body kits, color, wheels. This is all in preparation for the test drive at racing track. 
Start with your favorite car model, save and go. 
This experience won’t effect, or change the original design. 

Choosing your favorite car model, Save and go. 
This experience, it won’t effect, or completely change to the original design. 


The lobby is providing a first experience of ArtCenter identity to the guests who have never been to our Hillside Campus yet.  It is a beauty dark rectangular box surrounded by  nature, so when we walk toward the sphere, it will teleport you to the Gradshowverse.  



VR allows visitors to view full scale model of student work in a new community that design by ArtCenter students. Users are able to walk around the space and view structures, elements, and materials can be applied to the design. 




ArtCenter Archives is where current ArtCenter students find inspiration, resources, and research from our previous students.  It stored thousand of students work, and separate it by each year.

Located in the middle area of gradshowverse, The Archives is where guests are able to access and view projects from the past. The space is empty, but requires to use ai technology like voice controlling, or the interface to load the archives experience.

Collage Center:

This is the most interactive area with a combination of individual and collaboration work from other departments. In this area, graduate students have the ability to design their final, in collaboration with other graduate students of the same year. Each  student’s work will be displayed on rotation. 

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